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This is in no way a comprehensive listing of alternative news and information sources, but it is a starter list compiled from my own resources as an introduction for those who have not ventured past the Main Stream Media, also known as “corporate media.” Using the Internet as a source of news requires discernment, because the Internet is wide open to all kinds of opinions and worldviews. The question is whether it is better to be exposed to the full range of opinion, and use your own judgment, in
dialogue with people you know and whose values you share, or have your news restricted and filtered to serve a possibly hidden agenda determined by the corporate owners of media companies. Internet social media, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. have been going through rapid
evolution. The information posted on YouTube has started to be heavily censored. YouTube “content creators” as they are called, have increasingly had to play cat and mouse with the censors, lest they become “demonetized” or “de-platformed.” One tactic is to post the first 10 minutes on YouTube, then move the rest of the program to or You will find lots of crazy, obnoxious content on those services, mixed in with real jewels, but that is the way freedom of speech works. You are the one who must separate the wheat from the chaff.

Some of the jewels I have found

TheGrayzone (Featuring Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton, Aaron Maté, and Anya Parampil)

“The Grayzone is a news and politics website dedicated to original investigative journalism and analysis on war and empire.”

Sample videos:,:0 (OPCW Chemical Weapons scandal and coverup)'red-line':d (Sarin Attack in Syria came from US supported rebels)

Empire Files (Featuring Abby Martin)

“An independent documentary & interview series hosted by Abby Martin — reporting on war & inequality from the heart of Empire.”

Sample videos: (Life in Palestine) (Interviews in Israel)

Glenn Greenwald
Glenn Greenwald is best known for helping to publish the documents made public by Edward Snowden. He was a cofounder of the (once) progressive newspaper “The Intercept,” but subsequently left the organization and has been commenting on world issues on his Rumble channel.

Corbett Report (Featuring James Corbett, a Canadian social commentator living in Japan)
YouTube: The Corbett Report has been terminated by YouTube. If you want to see what that looks like, go to

“The Corbett Report is an independent, listener-supported alternative news source. It operates on the principle of open source intelligence and provides podcasts, interviews, articles and videos about breaking news and important issues from 9/11 Truth and false flag terror to the Big Brother police state, eugenics, geopolitics, the central banking fraud, and more.” James Corbett is excellent and well-researched on many topics.

Sample video: (Stop Watching Propaganda)

The New Atlas
International news commentary by Brian Berletic (former pen name, Tony Cartalucci)

Former US Marine, author, and reporter, Brian’s primary focus has been Geopolitics, The Great Game, US Dollar hegemony, US/Foreign policy, NATO, Syria, China/Encirclement, and Ukraine. This channel has some of the best commentary on the war in Ukraine that avoids the propaganda
narrative that this is an unprovoked war of Russian aggression. Brian speaks from the perspective that this is a proxy war between the U.S. and Russia, where the U.S. has played a dominant role and Ukrainians are being used as pawns. (For background, see Oliver Stone’s Ukraine on Fire.) On first impression, this may come across to some as pro-Russian, but it is important to acknowledge the historical role of the U.S. and the prevalence of propaganda in the U.S. mainstream media. At minimum, it is important to at least hear this alternative perspective.

Sample video: (Rand Corp. paper on provoking Russia)

Kim Iversen (Kim Iverson is in the process of migrating her YouTube audience to Odysee in response to YouTube censorship, although her YouTube channel still exists.)

“I don’t ‘fall in line’ when the line leads to bullshit.” [Kim is an independent commentator with a unique mix of perspectives that cut across conventional left-right classifications.]

Sample video: (Wahhabism)

The Jimmy Dore Show (Featuring Commedian-turned-commentator, Jimmy Dore)

Rough-cut, no holds barred, usually on-target exposés couched in humor. Some will find the language and style off-putting; others will find the level of candor and authenticity refreshing.

Sample video: (Legalizing All Drugs)

Dark Horse Podcast (Intelligent conversations featuring Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying, evolutionary biologists.)
YouTube: (YouTube has been censoring these videos, so they are uploaded simultaneously on and Spotify.)

“Videos about adaptive evolution, good governance, the breakdown of civil discourse and subsequent mayhem at Evergreen and other college campuses, and about the emerging Coalition of the Reasonable.” … and over the last few years, many interviews on Covid-19 research.

Sample videos: (Interview with Dr. Pierre Kory on the history of Ivermectin) (Interview with Tess Lawrie on assessing Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid-19)

Dr. John Campbell

(One of the driest, most data focused discussions of Covid issues on the internet, … but consider that he is followed by over 2.6 million people! He is still on YouTube, but he uses his English wit, irony, and understatement paired with body language, warmth, and humanity, to get his message past the censors.)
“Hello Everyone, My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.”

Sample videos: (Pandemic unnecessary deaths, the data) (Vitamin D, now conclusive)

Children’s Health Defense (Founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. A resource primarily on vaccine safety and related issues.)

“Children’s Health Defense’s mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and to establish safeguards so this never happens again.”

Sample Video:
“Until Proven Otherwise”

Some Websites with Alternative News and Information Resources:

Global Research One of the few outlets that address 9/11, among many other topics of concern.

PEERS Want to Know
“…Information-packed emails filled with reliable news and information that is under-reported or hidden from the public…. We search, select, and summarize for you key media articles and other vital information which should have made headline news.”

Sample video:
The Power of Nightmares (BBC documentary promoted by PEERS) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Some of my own topical web sites:
Scientific research on the events of 9/11.
A dynamic graph of the US income distribution + commentary.

Say No to War
Discussion of issues of war and conscientious objection.

DC Writings
My collected writings on all topics



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